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Milktree Digital is the place to go when you want your company’s marketing strategy and plan developed. With our help you can increase web traffic, create a presence on social media platforms and optimise content for SEO purposes- all in accordance with today’s modern times. We provide an optimised solution that will work best for your needs!

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At MilkTree Digital, we never forget that the customer is always right. This means they come first in all of our business decisions and projects- from design to implementation; it’s about giving them what they need with a smile on their face!

We want to make sure that we provide our customers with great value when it comes to marketing. With us there’s no inflated prices or hidden fees. Our packages are all reasonably priced and we take the time before sign-up to make sure you understand the ins and outs of the services that will be provided.

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We use unique, custom processes to provide results

We believe in our processes and we know they will give you the best chance for success online with your business.

We take a close look at how your company is doing right now, including data on your current interactions, followers, and Google rankings.

We investigate your competitors and consider how we might improve your company as a whole.

We develop a clear and comprehensive multi-point action plan that is SMART.

We put the action plan into action and work directly with you to ensure its success.

Most frequent questions and answers

Digital Marketing is a powerful tool to create a virtual brand image for your business through various online platforms. It comes in various shaps and forms including Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing. A fruitful Digital Marketing campaign will be able to help you find an appropriate strategy to communicate with your current and potential customers with the help of engrossing online advertisement and a fascinating website.

With the recent increase in the use of the internet as an outlet for running marketing campaigns , Digital Marketing can have a mommentous imact on your long-term proits. One of the most significant objectives of Digital Marketing is to generate website traffic for your business, This is where your online identity lies. Acquiring more website traffic plays an important role in creating a loyal customer base. More customers will generate more sales and thus a higher long-term profit. Digital Marketing enables growth, It makes reaching a vast audience simpler and easier.

Digital Marketing enables direct and two-way communication with customers in an efficient manner. You can increase your outreach to a global audience rather than a local one. Digital marketing makes it convenient and easier to acquire data, measure performance and analyse the results of your marketing plan. It is much faster and cost-effective to see actual and direct results of digital marketing upon your sales. With a well-designed website, you can publish a greater amount of content at an economical cost. Once your website is set-up, promoting and developing your brand is completely free of cost.

In this era of technological advancement, a business is most likely to be trusted by its customers if it has a professional website. Such an online presence gives your customers a platform to interact with you. It is the perfect source of authentic information for potential clients about your products, pricing plans, experience and expertise. A website allows your business to showcase your achievements, display your ethical conduct, environmental policies and promote your brand. You can exhibit customer testimonials to prove the exceptional quality of your products and services. Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a professional website is free of cost advertisement. Once you construct a website, you can put on as much content and promotions you wish without bearing any costs.

Your budget, starting position, marketing strategy and existing digital footprint have a vital impact on the amount of time it takes digital marketing to show results. While we can create a massive online presence instantly or enhance your current virtual status, it might take to up to 3 months before you observe direct increments in website traffic or boosted sales. Once we work out a marketing strategy and compose a plan of action for you, we can provide you with an estimated period after which you can expect to see results.

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