How to Make Your Blog Post Stand Out in Search Results

When you’re looking for information on the internet, your search engine is likely to return a list of pages that are all about the same topic. What do you do if your post is one of those results? You may be thinking it doesn’t matter because people will find your page no matter what. 

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, then you know that blogging is a key component for your business. However, with the immense competition surrounding SEO and blog posts in general, it’s easy to feel defeated at how difficult it can be to get traction on your content. This article will address some of the most common concerns and provide tips for gaining exposure on your latest post.

With these simple solutions included in this article, hopefully we’ll be able to help make sure that not only does your post stand out amongst the rest but also helps grow your audience as well!

1. Use keywords in your post so that search engines can find it

To help Google and other search engines find your content, use keywords in it.

If you’re not using keywords in your blog posts, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to get your content found by potential readers. By including keywords in your post title and throughout the text, you can improve your chances of being discovered online. Keywords can be anything from specific terms or phrases related to your topic, to the names of people or brands you mention. So don’t be afraid to get creative and include them wherever they make sense!

2. Add a video to increase the number of words on your page and improve SEO

Adding a video to your blog post is an excellent way to increase the number of words on your page and improve SEO.

 A study by HubSpot found that adding videos increased conversion rates by 80%. This means that adding a video could help you generate more traffic, subscribers, leads, customers or sales. Adding a video also increases the word count on your page which will give it better search engine optimization (SEO). There are many other benefits including increasing reader engagement and helping readers understand complex topics. You can even use videos as part of social media marketing campaigns!

4. Share your article with friends, family, or coworkers via social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter

Social media is a great way to share your latest article with friends, family, or coworkers. You can post a link to your article on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and you can even embed the article on your website or blog. Sharing your article with others is a great way to get more traffic to your website and increase awareness of your brand.

5. Link back to articles from credible sources within your blog post for additional credibility

One way to ensure the credibility of your sources is to link back to them from within your blog post. By providing links to articles from reputable sources, you’re not only providing your readers with additional information, but you’re also proving that your claims are supported by factual evidence. Not only does this help to legitimize your blog post, but it also makes it easier for readers to verify the facts for themselves. So, before you hit publish, make sure to link back to all of your sources!


In today’s world, the internet is a vast ocean of content. With so much noise out there, it can be challenging to get noticed online and rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). If you need help standing out from your competition or coming up with ideas for how to make your post stand out on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, we would love to talk about what our team could do for you. Contact us today and let’s discuss!

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