Top Digital Marketing Tactics for Ecommerce

top ecommerce marketing tactics in milk tree digital marketing

There are a number of ways you can use to boost sales on your online store, and we’ve outlined some key marketing tactics for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

1. Improve Product Imaging

Customers do not just expect access to only information; they have also become a lot more visual. This is where you can come in to shine. With the use of outstanding product imaging or visualization, you can effortlessly and quickly show off your products. This is to enable customers to see the details without having first read them.
Take advantage of tools that enable people to zoom in and out and spin your products for a 360 degrees view. Include pop-up and roll-over information tools. If you happen to have a 3D tech, take advantage of it by using it to enhance the shopping experience and to increase engagement.
Fourth Source customers reported an increase in sales by up to 25% to 30% when they used 3D imaging.

2. Include Videos

Agreed, not every product requires the use of video; however, if you want to show something off, you should show it in action. Video provides some level of confidence to customers when making online purchases.
If you can successfully present graphical images of how excellent your products are, customers will quickly understand what your product does and why they should buy it. Be sure to brand your videos consistently. If you don’t already have a logo in place try a free application like

close up view of arranged video cassettes and digital video camera on pink background

3. Reduce Cart Abandonment

The abandonment of carts happens when a customer checks out and discovers that they are not comfortable with the delivery option. Above 69% of the time, cart abandonment is related to additional fees like shipping fees.
There are other reasons for cart abandonment. They include:
* The requests to set up an account* Complex checkout processes* Poor website performance such as crashes and slow loading
One of the best ways to fix this challenge is the use of an email recovery tactic. Here, when a person abandons their cart, you can send them various emails urging them to complete their transactions.

4. Inspire User-Generated Content (UGC)

A happy customer sells a product better than anything else. User-Generated Content provides the first-hand experience from previous customers who are using your products. According to Salesforce, 54% of potential customers are likely to trust a previous customer over your advertising or marketing.
Two ways in which you can strengthen UGC are 1. Provide an easy means for customers to drop reviews on your website 2. The use of hashtags on all your social media pages.

5. Improve Checkout

Inconveniencing checkouts slows the pace of checkouts, and this can be very frustrating. To provide easier shopping experience for your customers, you want to make your checkout simple. This can help you reduce cart abandonment. You don’t have to take your customers through too many steps and pages just for them to pay you; it is stressful.
You can make this very easy for them by putting all of your checkout processes on a single page. In a case where one page is not feasible, try to make it easy for your customers to take one step back if they make a mistake or change their minds.


Ecommerce marketing tactics are essential to encourage purchases and the generation of more traffic to your website. The above top 5 tactics will take your business to a whole new level. We hope that our article has supplied you with the information you desire.

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